PT0S St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks DXpedition


The PT0S DXpedition to St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks (IOTA SA-014), was on the air from approximately Nov 10 to Nov 23 , 2012. The expedition was a joint venture of Araucaria DX Group and the TX3A Team.

The summary of the expedition is avalailable for download from further >>>


Dec 21, 2012, Miami

Log correction up to and including Dec 20 has been uploaded. Please note that LoTW is experiencing delays and QSO-s may not be confirmed for several days.

George, AA7JV

Dec 11, 2012, Miami

Log corrections have been made to the on-line log and uploaded to LoTW. These corrections were made up to and including Dec 10. The next correction up-load will be on Dec 20.

George, AA7JV

A summary of the PT0S expedition, written by George, AA7JV is now available for download at

Nov 27, 2012, Natal

The PT0S team has landed in Natal the afternoon of Nov 26, after a 3 day long sea voyage on the not-too-comfortable fishing vessel Transmar II. Everybody is safe and well. We are now catching up on food and sleep. Lots of sleep.

The logs of the last 20 hours of operation were uploaded. Please note that these logs do not contain corrections. (Please also note that it may take several days for LoTW to post the uploaded QSO-s). We will deal with the correction requests during the next two weeks and upload a final and corrected log around Dec 10. (Probably not so final, as correction requests are likely to be coming in for a while.)

We terminated the operation at 10:17 UTC (MM0GPZ was the last QSO), rather abruptly. The Brazilian Navy has requested that we vacate the space we were occupying as they were landing a large number of people for a major upgrade project and simply there was no room for us, either within the facility or outside. Once the decision was made to go QRT, we had to move very quickly to dismantle the station and clean up the site, as the boat had to leave before 2 PM (local time) to arrive in Natal in daylight.

A summary of the operation will be posted here in a few days' time.

George, AA7JV

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